Best Snorkeling Tours on Roatan

The best place to Snorkel is Roatan on your next vacation or Cruise Ship Shore Excursion. The best spots for viewing fish, turtles, and more on Roatan is by boat and Island Diving Center takes you to the top locations. Snorkeling is a low impact recreational sport that may be enjoyed by all, young and old. This excursion includes an excursion with mask, fins and snorkel and optional life vest to some amazing underwater sites along our pristine reef such as Aquarium, Turtle Crossing and more. Our snorkel leader will introduce you and acquaint you with our snorkeling activities and the underwater world. He will teach you proper techniques that will allow you to enjoy your time better and take you on a beautiful tour for an individual, family or group. Don't miss seeing the beauty of the underwater world while snorkeling in Roatan! Also, if part of your group wants to dive and part wants to snorkel that is no problem at all and we can arrange a tour for both where you will be together on the boat and to the same site.

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