Roatan Safety

by Travis Morin:

Many people hear about the events on the mainland with the refugees or an isolated issue on Roatan and assume it is a dangerous place. Some travel organizations have used these isolated events as a way to promote their own tours and shops and control their customers. You are welcome to believe what you like but I have lived here for many years with my four young children and we have never had any issues with safety and no problems with theft. The reason these things are newsworthy is because they are unusual in the Caribbean and especially on Roatan. There is the standard petty theft that can occur as with any tourist destination but this is very minimal and usually not a problem if you follow simple common sense when handling or showing valuables. In terms of Honduras' issues, Roatan is 35 miles off the coast of Honduras. It does not have the issues that the mainland has which is from the drug trade traveling to the US through its streets and towns. My family observes the same common sense anyone in any medium to large city in the U.S. would observe, such as not messing with drugs and not going to seedy bars at 2 in the morning. We are guests on this beautiful island and we behave that way and the people treat us very well and are very friendly and kind. That's my 2 cents and I hope it is helpful to you. Roatan is a safe and beautiful place filled with wonder and amazement, especially under the water. We hope you will join us in this paradise and discover the unique beauty only found here.